Range of Products

We’re pleased to offer a limited stock of products which can help with a variety of problems. You can see from the list below the types of product, if you would  like to know more information and prices for these, call us during practice hours on 01943 817117.

  • TheraFlex – Elastic Gel Hot/Cold Re-usable Pack
  • Biofreeze – Pain Relieving Spray
  • Mueller Kinesiology Tape
  • Whippet – Baby Carrier
  • Vulcan – Tennis Elbow Strap
  • Physic World – Spikey Massage Ball
  • Vasyli Custom Orthotics
  • +Tempur Pillow
  • Harley Designer Wedge – Back Care System
  • Harley Design Plus Pillow
  • BackJoy – SitSmart Posture Plus