About us

The Ilkley Osteopathic Practice was established in 2001. Louise Judd, Amos and Robbie(Roberta) Grech-Cini are the partners at the practice and have enjoyed becoming part of the Wharfedale Community. The practice continues to grow as Chris Field joined as an associate in October 2016. Charlotte Bruce in August 2017 and Zoe French in 2018.

At the practice, we treat a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions ranging from spinal complaints, to headaches to arthritic conditions and sporting injuries.

We take pride in our contribution to the healthcare of the Wharfe Valley, treating patients of all ages ranging from just a few weeks old to patients into their nineties.

We would be very happy to advise any potential patients at any time that is convenient to you, so why not call us on 01943 817117, and book an appointment for your first consultation.

Ilkley Osteopathic Practice Ltd. 79 Leeds Road, Ilkley  LS29 8EG